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Burger Night! 

Thursday, April 27th from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

ALL Take-Out - Reservations Required

Choose from 10 oz Rib Eye Steak, 14 oz Thick-Cut Rib Eye Steak, 10 oz. New York Strip Steak, 14 oz. Thick-Cut New York Strip Steak, and for the non-steak-lovers we are offering the

Poblano-Stuffed Chicken that was on our original dinner menu. 

Choose Baked Potato, Loaded Baked Potato, Hand-cut

French Fries (or Rice for the Chicken). 

Each meal comes with a homemade dinner roll, side salad with the House Vinaigrette, and Chef's amazing Coconut-Crusted Cheesecake with Strawberry and Blueberry Compotes

(this is Lick-Your-Plate delicious!) 

Iced Tea, Coffee & Water included in price of meal. Bottled Coke products available for additional purchase.

Reservations are Required and must be made by Midnight, Sunday, March 19

First, Reserve your time!

A limited number of people will be served at a time, so let us know when to expect you! 


Next, pre-order meals for everyone in your party so we have enough prepared for the evening. 

(Note: If food order is not placed within one (1) hour of Reservation time being selected, we reserve the right to cancel your Reservation. 

ALL food must be pre-ordered.)

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